Do you want to learn to play bass or improve your playing?
Then this is the right place for you!
Your wishes are my teaching content.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, no matter what level, the lessons will be individually designed for you to achieve the best possible progress for YOU!

Personal lessons would be possible in Mannheim or in Heilbronn. 
Just write me and we will find a suitable date.

Online classes are available at any time and are a great tool that has evolved tremendously and works great.
You can choose between Skype and Zoom. 

Some details:

The length of the lessons is variable (one or two lessons in a row). 
One lesson is 45 minutes long.
Learning contents could be:
– Hand position
and technique on the left
– Playing techniques and sound production on the right
– fills
– groove training
– timing
– note reading
– etc.
Individualized lessons for YOU!
You can also simply book lesson packages, such as
2 lessons per week or just 10 lessons as a package. This is of course cheaper than a single lesson.
Send me a non-binding email with questions about the lessons or what they would cost. 


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