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Carolers project 2021

Children help Children

I had the opportunity to participate in the 2021 carol singing campaign. I worked out an arrangement and recorded it as a playback, on which voluntary singers then sang the old folk song “Die heiligen 3 König’.
The video was also created by me.

You can find out more here:

Planned Confusion


Due to the current Corona situation, there are unfortunately no dates for events.

Have a look at our homepage anyway!

Carnival 2020

WFG Bad Wimpfen

In January/February 2020, I was booked as a singer at the carnival sessions of the Bad Wimpfen Carnival Association. At the same time, we accompanied the entire Prunksitzung as the band “Planned Confusion” with a subsequent after-show live band.

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Are you interested in learning to play the electric bass or do you simply want to improve your skills on the electric bass?

If so, check out Tim’s “Lesson” page!



My equipment is still very manageable and can certainly be expanded further.

In general, I think that it always makes a difference whether a bass player plays on stage with an amplifier or without! Of course you have to vary the equipment depending on the location, but I always try to play with my own loudspeaker so that there is a stable sound between drums and bass on stage.
I think this gives the band a much better feeling and gives me the desired pressure that today’s modern in-ear sound cannot create.


Sandberg California VM-5 
This 5-string bass is an absolute all-rounder and can act optimally in the genres Rock/Pop, which is why it is currently my most frequently played bass.
From a fat, deep and voluminous sound to a funky slap sound I can use it optimally.

Dingwall NG2 Signature Adam Nolly Getgood:
The also 5-string bass is a so called Fanned Frets Bass. Because of the slanted frets I can achieve a longer scale length on the low string, which means that the string vibrates less and the sound can be much more precise.
The sound is also flexible but not as much as the Sandberg. 

Yamaha BBG4S 2:
As a 4-string bass, I like to play the Yamaha because it sounds ultra precise. 
It has very punchy lows and still asserts itself crisply and percussively in the mids and trebles.


Markbass CMD-102
Perfect for practising at home or for a medium-sized stage. 
Has 2×10 inch neodymium speakers with 300 Watt. 
Because of the neodymium speakers the combo weighs only about 20 kg.

EBS Classic Session 60 Bass Combo
With a 10 inch speaker and 2 additional tweeters from EBS, it has 60 watts and is therefore more suitable for home use.

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